The Ayahuasca ceremony recreates an amazing series of shamanic techniques that have been inherited from the Inca priests; we revalue, maintain, and rescue secret and mysterious traditions from the pre-Hispanic wisdom in order to help and benefit the world.

The safety and well being of our participants is our goal, therefore in a treatment with Ayahuasca, and in any spiritual therapy, we carry out a professional health examination, with medical specialists who evaluate and determine if the person is able to take part in the Ayahuasca ceremony in Cusco (3500 masl).

Thanks to our professional and multidisciplinary staff, we are healing and improving lives with Ayahuasca rituals and therapies. The secrets of these ceremonies were transmitted through generations to our shamans, last heirs of the Inca Shamanic technique. Our Ayahuasca ceremonies in Cusco are supervised by the members of Peruvian Department of Health, which guarantees the responsible, safe and respectful nature of our ceremonies with the sacred plant. The Ayahuasca healing is carried out by our experienced local Shamans and supported by Allpa Sonqo Travel staff.

Our intense Ayahuasca rituals and therapies, will allow you to wake up and walk in the path of light and freedom that’s present in all human hearts. Our service guarantees profound and positive thinking changes and transcendent growth.

Our Ayahuasca ceremonies take place in mystical Cusco, one of the main energetic centres of the world. And we operate under certain very important restrictions and preparation prior the ceremony, regarding diet and a regime of conduct that must be observed up to 5 days before the ceremony.

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