Terms and Conditions

  1. About the handling of the passenger’s information

In order to proceed with the reservation, Allpa Sonqo Travel will ask you for personal information, which will be used in a strictly confidential manner for the purposes mentioned above:

Full name.

Date of birth.



Nutritional requirements.

Medical condition (essential for adventure tours).

Copy of your passport (in case of booking with a passport that is about to expire, you must provide an updated copy of it as soon as you have it).

  1. Initial payment and payment methods

To confirm the reservation of any of our services, you must make an initial payment of 50% of the total price of the requested service (this is non-refundable under any circumstances). You will be able to use the following payment methods:

Payments on website: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club.

Online payments through PAYPAL.

Payments through Western Union or Money Gram agents.

Deposits through bank transfer.

Commissions: All payment methods generate commissions, which vary depending on the method of payment. Therefore it is important to emphasize that it is the client who will assume the costs of the transaction.

Rates in US dollars: All rates are expressed in US dollars and include taxes and fees applicable to foreign tourists and Peruvians not residing in Peru.

Confirmation of reservation: Once we receive your personal information and the 50% payment for the requested services, we will send you an email within 24 hours with the Confirmation Form (this document will include all the details of the contracted service).

  1. Payment of the balance or remainder

The outstanding balance must be paid upon arrival in Cusco or before the start of the services in our central office or in your chosen hotel.

Failure to pay the outstanding balance will make it impossible for you to participate in the contracted services (in no case will the company make any refund of the initial payment).


  1. Air and Train Tickets

All plain tickets and / or train tickets are fully non-refundable (except in case of cancellation due to health problems and according to the policies of the airlines and train companies).

  1. Modifications of ITINERARIES by the customer

    Any type of modification by the client generates penalties which will be assumed by the client.

    It is important to emphasize that planned schedules of airline tickets, train tickets and income to the Inca Trail, are impossible to modify.

    It is also not allowed to change the ownership of the service.

  1. About the INCA TRAIL tours and alternative treks

    MODIFICATIONS: Changes of date, title, route and others concerning the Inca Trail, are not feasible and are not refundable in any way.

    CANCELLATIONS: Cancellations for Inca Trail services have a penalty of 100% of the cost of the service. Therefore, if the client made the initial payment of 50%, the client must also complete the payment of the remaining 50%.

    NO SHOWS: In case the clients do not show up for the Inca Trail, no reimbursement will be made and it will be considered a NO SHOW.

  1. Cancellations or cancellations by the client

    In case of requesting the cancellation of any service up to 30 days before the beginning of the tour, a refund of 50% of the initial payment will be made. Therefore, if a refund is requested 29 days or less before the beginning of the contracted tour, NO refund or reimbursement will be possible.

    The following services: the Inca Trail, air tickets and/or train tickets, do not apply to any cancellation or refund.

  1. Responsibilities of the Passenger or Client

    It is the passenger’s responsibility to provide reliable information in order to proceed with the reservations.

    It is mandatory that the client brings his/her passport or travel document with which he/she made the reservation.

    In the case of trekking and/or adventure tours, it is essential that clients over 65 years of age have a medical certificate of good health.

    It is highly recommended to have travel insurance before leaving your country. Consult with your agent.

    If the passenger presents the following signs: drunkenness, use of toxic substances, mental disorders. For security measures, we reserve the right to suspend the contracted service.

    In case the client does not comply with the established itinerary and this causes delays, losses or other inconveniences, the client will be responsible for them…..

    There will be NO possibility of reimbursement when the services are in full development and on a regular basis, and the client, by his own will, decides not to continue with them.

    For more information, we recommend reading our commitment to responsible tourism.

    If the passenger comes with minors, he/she will have to present the necessary documents of the minor (ID card or passport of the minor, ID card or passport of the father or mother).

    Also, if the minor is traveling with a parent or without his/her parents, it is mandatory to present a notarized letter certified and signed by the notary and by both parents (This authorization is valid for 90 days and must be submitted to the Peruvian immigration authority to allow the minor to leave the country and is valid only once).

  1. Criteria for suspending the activity and/or service

The following are the criteria to suspend the activity in the contracted services.

    Social problems (such as strikes)

    Unfit health conditions of the passenger.

    Conditions due to excessive use of alcohol and/or toxic substances.

    Emergency zone decreed by the state.

    Mutual agreement with the client

    Abandonment of the group by the client

    Natural disasters

  1. About Travel Insurance

In Allpa Sonqo Travel we care about the welfare of our customers; therefore, we have implemented our risk minimization policy in which we recommend to review more about the advantages of having travel insurance and take the following precautions:

RECOMMENDED FOR CULTURAL ACTIVITIES: Due to the fact that the physical demand in the development of these tours is not extreme, we recommend the acquisition of a travel insurance that has a medical coverage for cancellations and delays.

MANDATORY FOR ADVENTURE ACTIVITIES: Knowing the implications of the different routes (weather conditions, physical demands, adaptation to the geography, and others) we require the purchase of a travel insurance on a mandatory basis, one that offers medical coverage, evacuations, cancellations, delays and others.

Additionally, people suffering from pre-existing diseases (high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases, locomotive system problems, diabetes, asthma, history of altitude sickness, people suffering from acrophobia or panic at heights, and others) must come with medical evaluation from their place of origin and appropriate medication.

Remember that both medicine and insurance are preventive.