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The founder of the company and always smiling Yolanda is a professional tourist guide born in Cusco and has studied abroad.

Allpa Sonqo Travel spends a large part of its income on social assistance to the inhabitants of this region in Peru. Among others, to people with low economic resources, disabled and orphans to whom they provide social support in terms of food, education and to find work. Learn more about the operation Brick…

« Operation Brick »

Part of the profits of Allpa Sonqo Travel is donated to Operation Brick. You too could be part of this beautiful and important operation dedicated to social aid…

I have been lucky enough to work in several countries with children. Especially in the humanitarian world as a volunteer. I have learned that in order to receive, we must give. So I say that we must follow the law of life. I have visited orphanages and I have seen that the older girls have to leave the nest so that other girls can enter. Some drop out of school because they can’t afford it, they just go to work and end up in hopeless poverty.

There are not only orphans, there are also many other children and young people in Peru who do not receive an education. It is written that school is compulsory for everyone, but the reality is different for those who are not lucky enough to be able to afford their uniforms, their notebooks and their shoes.

I realized that I had to do something, so we started the project “Operation Brick” to give opportunities and a future, giving an education to children who do not have one and learning to take care of themselves in the future.

“Don’t give them the fish but teach them how to fish….”.

For the people where we knock on doors, we will be the VOICES OF HOPE.

If everyone did their part, the world would be a different place, but sometimes it’s just words.

Many people have already contributed their bricks. Some want to remain anonymous, others want to follow the project closely or participate in person.

Each brick is worth 5 euros, so people can participate according to their generosity.

To participate in the project or for more information, please contact me by WhatsApp +51 942 806 418 or by E-mail



Greetings from Cusco, Peru….Yolanda Cusihuaman

Official Tourism Guide

Yolanda Tomasa Cusihuaman Quispe

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